A Master education project dedicated to mineral resources and sustainability

The OpenYourMine Master education program aims at strengthening MSc students creativity, entrepreneurship and skills for the sustainable development of mineral resources in Europe.

In the years 2019-2021, we will bring together about 40 MSc students a year, having a background in geology, environment, economy, and sociology to attend 4 teaching units (3 ECTS each) dedicated to mineral resources and sustainable development, namely:

  1. Mineral resources and sustainable development
  2. Raw material-energy nexus
  3. New communication strategies for the mining business
  4. Field trip – the Iberian Pyrite Belt and its mining history


These ECTS includes and shares among already existing master curricula dedicated to georesources, economy of sustainable development, and sociology of innovation from the 3 universities participating in the project:

  • University Grenoble Alps – France
  • Nova University of Lisbon – Portugal
  • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – Poland

KGHM Cuprum Ltd Research & Development Centre, the R&D partner, provides access to geological and environmental data sets for co-creation of case studies and to a network of mining industrials in Europe.

OpenYourMine relies on innovative educational approaches based on blended-learning, inverted pedagogy, crowdsourcing contest, and use of state of the art tools for data visualization and integration. It also relies on a strong industry involvement (e.g. AREVA-Orano, Rio Tinto, KGHM Polska Miedz SA, Almonty) at several levels in the proposed curricular: co-creation of case study, participation to short-courses and workshops, adaptation of teaching contents, and placement of a student. By embedding these experts within the university curriculum we are building a strong dedicated network of skilled geoscientists that can steer the mineral resources industry going forward, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and social coexistence.

To ensure the conditions of sustainable mineral supply, we open the mind and imagination of the next generation of mineral resource managers.

The OpenYourMine project also provides a platform for students and experts from academic, economic and industrial domains to meet and discuss today’s and tomorrow’s needs and opportunities in mineral supply in Europe.